Work Plan

RECONFIGURE is a three-year project divided in 5 main work-packages (WP0 to WP4) decomposed into a total of 13 technical work packages (WP0.1 to WP4.3).

  1. WP0 Management is active for the entire duration of the project.

  2. WP1 Industrial Benchmark & Assessment Tools is active for the first year and a half approximately, and is where the benchmark (i.e. the aircraft model and scenarios) is defined and developed. It also includes the definition of the designs' selection matrix and the V&V process and tools to be used in WP3.

  3. WP2 Advanced G&C Design and Clearance Methods and Tools lasts for the entire project. It is where the main research and development activities are performed. It is divided into three main phases: an R&D phase, an application phase, and an evolution phase where the methods from the R&D phase can be evolved based on the lessons learnt from the application phase.

  4. WP3 Industrial V&V starts at the end of the application phase of WP2, and aims to evaluate the technological readiness level (TRL) of the developed approaches by performing a traditional industrial V&V in two-steps: verification of the designs in a functional engineering simulator with traditional Monte Carlo analysis complemented by worst-case search tools and validation of the designs in the Airbus V&V process, including tests with pilot-in-the-loop simulations using real flight code and avionics, see figure below.

  5. WP4 Dissemination & Exploitation Activities is active for the entire duration of the project. Due to the importance of having an impact on the field and to maximize the competitiveness of the results specific this WP is established for the dissemination (i.e. publication) and exploitation (i.e. patenting) activities, including the final definition of a roadmap for future directions.