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No. Month Place Objetive
KO 15th February 2013 DEIMOS (Madrid, Spain) Project kick-off meeting
PM-1 3rd-4th July 2012 UCAM (Cambridge, U.K.) Milestones:
M1.1 Benchmark scenarios description
PM-2 M13 ONERA (Toulouse, France) Milestone:
M1.2 Final benchmark SW & User-Manual
M1.3 Final V&V process and selection matrix
M2.1 Final description of estimation/diagnosis approaches
M2.2 Final description of reconfigurable G&C approaches
CRM M22 SZTAKI (Budapest, Hungary) Milestone:
M1.4 Final FES SW & user-manual
M2.3 Final description of integrated estimation/diagnosis/G&C approaches
M2.4 Final application results of estimation/diagnosis approaches
M2.5 Final application results of reconfigurable G&C approaches
PM-3 M29 UNEXE (Exeter, U.K.) Milestone:
M2.6 Final application results of integrated estimation/diagnosis/G&C approaches
M2.7 Final description of Integration (Implementation) and Clearance Approaches
M3.1 Selection of designs for industrial validation
PM-4 M40 TUDELFT (Delft, The Netherlands) Milestone:
Progress meeting & preparation for finalization of project
FINAL M42 AIRBUS (Toulouse, France) Milestone:
M2.8 Final application results of Integration (Implementation) and Clearance Approaches
M3.2 Final report on industrial validation
M3.3 Demo
M4.1 International workshop on estimation/diagnosis/G&C