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No. Deliverable Name WP
D1.1.1 Airbus state-of-practice for FCS Design and Certification WP1.1
D1.1.2 Preliminary Benchmark Scenario Definition WP1.1
D1.1.3 Preliminary Benchmark Software + User Manual WP1.1
D1.2.1 Preliminary V&V Process & Selection Matrix WP1.2
D1.2.2 Preliminary FES and WC Search Software + User Manual WP1.2
D1.2.3 FES/WC Interface Control Document WP1.2
D2.1.1 State-of-the-Art on Estimation and Diagnosis Approaches WP2.1
D2.1.2 Preliminary Description Estimation/Diagnosis Approaches WP2.1
D2.1.3 Preliminary Application Estimation/Diagnosis Approaches WP2.1
D2.1.4 Final Report on Evolution Estimation/Diagnosis Approaches WP2.1
D2.2.1 State-of-the-Art on Reconfigurable G&C Approaches WP2.2
D2.2.2 Preliminary Description Reconfigurable G&C Approaches WP2.2
D2.2.3 Preliminary Application Reconfigurable G&C Approaches WP2.2
D2.2.4 Final Report on Evolution of Reconfigurable G&C Approaches WP2.2
D2.3.1 State-of-the-Art on Integrated Estim./Diag./G&C Approaches WP2.3
D2.3.2 Preliminary Description Integrated Estim./Diag./G&C Approaches WP2.3
D2.3.3 Preliminary Application Integrated Estim./Diag./G&C Approaches WP2.3
D2.3.4 Final Report on Evolution of Integrated Estim./Diag./G&C Approaches WP2.3
D2.4.1 State-of-the-Art on Integration (Implementation) & Clearance Issues and Approaches WP2.4
D2.4.2 Preliminary Description of Integration (Implementation) & Clearance Approaches WP2.4
D3.1.1 Designs ported to Airbus flight-code Simulink library WP3.1
D3.1.2 Verification Results WP3.1
D3.2.1 Preliminary Validation Results WP3.2
D4.1 Roadmap & Final Dissemination and Exploitation Report WP4.1
D4.2 Project Consortium-only Web Page Manual WP4.2