The consortium has been formed trying to establish a good balance of organizations’ background (industry, research labs and Universities) and with ample experience in either of the two pertinent fields: aerospace and FDIR. Additionally, a large level of international participation and cooperation has been promoted to ensure satisfying the EU objective of fostering supra-national collaborative projects.

A total of 6 countries are involved in the project distributed in:

1 Deimos Space S.L.U. Dr. Murray Kerr (Coordinator)
2 Airbus Operations SAS Dr. Philippe Goupil
3 DLR Dr. Dieter Joos
4 ONERA Dr. Carsten Doll
5 SZTAKI Dr. Balint Vanek
6 Delft University of Technology Prof. Tamas Keviczky
7 University of Exeter Prof. Chris Edwards
8 University of Cambridge Prof. Jan Maciejowski
9 University of Bristol Dr. Andrés Marcos

RECONFIGURE: consortium
Figure 1: RECONFIGURE: consortium